With our pricing,  retailers are able to more than keystone the soda by pricing it at $1.99.

How do we get soda to you?

We are expanding our area with sub-distributers!  If you are interested in becoming a sub-distributer, contact sales@homersoda.com


West and Central Indiana, Vermillion Valley Produce

Kenny,  217-712-0090

East and Central Illinois, Homer Soda Company

Kate, 312-880-SODA

If you are not in a delivery zone, we can freight you soda!

For a minimum of 60 cases, we can provide free freight for orders shipping to Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Tennessee, and Kentucky.   For orders beyond this area or for less than 60 cases, email sales@homersoda.com for a free rate quote!

Here is the current list of sodas that we are distributing:

Ale-8-One Diet
Americana Black Cherry
Americana Cherry Cola
Americana Honey Cream
Americana Honey-Lime GingerAle
Americana Huckleberry
Americana Orange Cream
Americana Root Beer
Avery Birch Beer
Avery Black Cherry
Avery Black Raspberry
Avery Blue Raspberry
Avery Bug Barf (Kiwi-Pineapple)
Avery Diet Birch
Avery Diet Black Cherry
Avery Diet Cola
Avery Diet Cream
Avery Diet Orange
Avery Dog Drool (Lemon-Lime)
Avery Fungal Fruit (Pink Passion Fruit-Lime)
Avery Grape
Avery Kitty Piddle (Pineapple Orange)
Avery Kiwi
Avery Korker
Avery Lemon Lime
Avery Lime Ricky
Avery Mint Seltzer
Avery Monster Mucus (Strawberry-Blue Razzberry)
Avery Orange Cream
Avery Peach
Avery Pineapple
Avery Raspberry Seltzer
Avery Root Beer
Avery Sarsaparilla
Avery Strawberry
Avery Swamp Juice (Fruity Mix)
Avery Tangerine Seltzer
Avery Toxic Slime (Blue-Razzberry-Orange)
Avery Watermelon
Avery Zombie Brain Juice (Strawberry-Orange)
Bedford Creme Beer
Bedford Root Beer
Blenheim’s Spicy Gingerale
Blenheim’s Not-as-Hot Gingerale
Blenheim’s Diet Gingerale
Brownie Caramel Root Beer
Bubble Up
Bull Dog Root Beer
Capone Family Black Cherry
Capone Family Blue Raspberry
Capone Family Cream Soda
Capone Family Diet Root Beer
Capone Family Root Beer
Capone Family Ginger Beer
Capone Family Grape
Capone Family Green Apple
Capone Family Orange
Capone Family Strawberry
Captn’ Eli Blueberry
Captn’ Eli Fruit Punch
Captn’ Eli Ginger Beer
Captn’ Eli Lemon Lime
Captn’ Eli Orange Pop
Captn’ Eli Root Beer
Captn’ Eli Strawberry Pop
Cicero Cherry Cola
Cicero Cream Soda
Cicero Lime Soda
Cicero Orange Cream
Cicero Root Beer
Cicero Salted Carmel
Cicero Sour Cherry
Cheerwine Diet
Cock N Bull Ginger Beer
Cool Mountain Black Cherry
Cool Mountain Blue Razzberry
Cool Mountain Clear Cream
Cool Mountain Orange Cream
Cool Mountain Root Beer
Cool Mountain Strawberry
Crush Orange
Dad’s Root Beer
Dang Butterscotch Root beer
Dang Red Cream
Dang Root Beer
Dang Diet Root Beer
Dog N Suds Root Beer
Double Cola (available in select counties)
Earp’s Sarsaparilla
Excel Black Cherry
Excel Blueberry Breese
Excel Cherry Breese
Excel Guilt Free Cola (Diet)
Excel Golden Gingerale
Excel Lucky Club Cola
Excel Million $ Grape
Excel Million $ Orange
Excel Orange Pineapple
Excel Red Cream
Excel Rummy Grapefruit
Excel Strawberry-Kiwi
Excel Sparkling Life
Filbert’s Banana Soda
Flathead Lake Monster Huckleberry
Flathead Lake Monster White Grape
Flathead Lake Monster Sour Cherry
Flathead Lake Monster Granny Apple
Flathead Lake Monster Black Raspberry
Flathead Lake Monster Blueberry Pomegranate
Flathead Lake Monster Strawberry Orange
Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Cream Beer
Frostie Root Beer
Frostie Root Beer Diet
Goody Blue
Goody Red
Goody Green
Goody Yellow
Goose Island Concord Grape
Goose Island Orange Cream
Goose Island Root Beer
Goose Island Spicy Ginger
Goose Island Vanilla Cream
Grapefruit Kiss
Great American Root Beer 10-Pack
Green River
Hippo Birch Beer
Hippo Black Cherry
Hippo Cream
Hippo Root Beer
Howdy Cherry Jubilee
Howdy Lemon Lime
Jelly Belly Blueberry
Jelly Belly Crushed Pineapple
Jelly Belly Green Apple
Jelly Belly Juicy Pear
Jelly Belly Lemon Drop
Jelly Belly Sour Cherry
Jelly Belly Strawberry Jam
Jelly Belly Tangerine
Jelly Belly Very Cherry
Jersey Cream
Jic-Jac Black Cherry
Jic-Jac Blue Raspberry
Jic-Jac Grape
Jic-Jac Lemon Lime
Jic-Jac Strawberry
Lemmy Lemonade
MacFuddy Pepper Elixir
Mr Cola
Nehi Grape (Only available for private parties)
Nehi Orange (Only available for private parties)
Nehi Peach (Only available for private parties)
Nesbitt Orange
Nichol Kola
Old Red Eye Root Beer
Orca Raspberry
Pig Iron Cola
Pop Shoppe Cream Soda
Pop Shoppe Lime Ricky
Pop Shoppe Black Cherry
Pop Shoppe Root Beer
Pop Shoppe Orange
Pop Shoppe Grape
Pop Shoppe Pineapple
Pop Shoppe Cola
RC Cola only (available for private parties)
Red Rock Cola
Red Rock Fruit Punch
Red Rock Ginger Ale
Red Rock Grape
Red Rock Orange
Reading Draft Birch Beer
Reading Draft Blueberry Birch
Reading Draft Black Cherry
Reading Draft Creamy Red Birch
Reading Draft Diet Root Beer
Reading Draft Grape Smoothie
Reading Draft Orange Cream
Reading Draft Root Beer
Reading Draft Sarsaparilla
Reading Draft Strawberry Cream
Reading Draft Vanilla Cream
Reading Draft White Birch Beer
Red Arrow Root Beer
Reed’s Extra Ginger
Reed’s Premium Ginger
Reed’s Original Ginger
Reed’s Spiced Apple
R Pep
Sea Dog Root Beer
SKI (available in select counties)
Simpson Springs Coffee Soda
Simpson Springs Cola
Simpson Springs Cranberry Seltzer
Simpson Springs Cream
Simpson Springs Fruit Punch
Simpson Springs Gingerale Soda
Simpson Springs Grape
Simpson Springs Lemon Lime
Simpson Springs Lime Seltzer
Simpson Springs Orange
Simpson Springs Pink Grapefruit Seltzer
Simpson Springs Raspberry Lime Rickey
Simpson Springs Root Beer
Simpson Springs Sarsaparilla
Simpson Springs White Birch
Sioux City Berry Berry
Sioux City Birch Beer
Sioux City Cream Soda
Sioux City Ginger Beer
Sioux City Orange
Sioux City Root Beer
Sioux City Sarsaparilla
Sioux City Prickly Pear
Sioux City Orange Cream
Suncrest Orange
Soda Boy Strawberry Cream
Soda Boy Caramel
Triple XXX Root Beer
Virgil’s Cream
Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream
Virgil’s Root Beer
Virgil’s Orange Cream
Virgil’s Zero Cola (Sweetened with Stevia)
Zuberfizz Cola
Zuberfizz Creamy Root Beer
Zuberfizz Cocofizz
Zuberfizz Ginger Ale
Zuberfizz Grape
Zuberfizz Keylime
Zuberfizz Orange Cream
Zuberfizz Vanilla Cream
Homer Soda 6-pack holders
Homer Soda Company Cane Sugar Root Beer, Bag-in-Box, 5lb
Dog N Suds Root Beer 1 liter plastic
Dog N Suds Black Cherry 1 liter plastic
Dog N Suds Cream Soda 1 liter plastic
Dog N Suds Diet Root Beer 1 liter plastic
Dog N Suds Root Beer 2 liter plastic

Homer Soda Company is known in the area for having the best selection of glass-bottled soda.  We have spent years searching out new and unique brands that are produced by people with a passion for flavorful soda!  Most of the bottling plants we buy from are small, family owned businesses that have been doing this for generations.

But not everyone can make it all the way out to Homer to get their favorite soda fix!  So we decided to start supplying other specialty stores, restaurants and delis.  Being a small business owner and owning a retail store, I know how hard it is to compete in the world of Wal-mart and Starbucks.  But you are NOT Wal-mart or Starbucks, that’s why people love you, so why should you carry the same big box soda that they serve?

We can help you find your unique niche of soda!  We can help you pick from our vast selection that will fit your customers.  Whether it’s gourmet micro brewed soda or classic vintage brands that are appealing to new generations, we can help you find what’s right for your location!

Contact us for prices and selection.  sales@homersoda.com


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