Homer Soda Company was started by Ray and Christine Cunningham and located in the Emporium building in downtown Homer.  During the peak, they had over 500 different kinds of glass-bottled soda!  They eventually narrowed it down to a few hundred of the most popular ones.

In 2008, they announced they would have to close the store due to health concerns.  Not wanting to lose such a unique business in downtown Homer, Kate Boyer and her family bought the Homer Soda Company.

Homer Soda Company is still located in the same historic building, but instead of sharing the space with antiques, it is shared with a children’s consignment shop (Mudpies ‘n’ Fireflies).

In March of 2009, they purchased a 1917 Model T Popcorn truck to take to festivals and sell the glass-bottled soda.  They have been to the Illinois State Fair, Boneyard Arts Festival, as well as many small town events in the area.

In 2010, they decided to expand the reach of the Homer Sodas and begin distribution to restaurants, coffee houses, caterers, and sandwich shops in the area.  You can now find Homer Soda selections all across the state and beyond!


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