Lucky Club Cola

Homer Soda Company

Lucky Club Cola in the glass-bottle

Available for wholesale distribution and private events (weddings, office parties, BBQ, the list is endless!)

Email for current prices

Lucky Club Cola is bottled by the Excel Bottling plant in Breese, IL!

Excel Bottling Plant:

Edward “Lefty” J Meier and Catherine Meier founded Excel Bottling Co in the summer of 1936.  Lefty had used the reward money that he obtained from catching a bank robber to purchase a used bottling machine.  At the time Lefty started bottling soda, two other soda plants were operating in Breese, IL.  The Excel bottling plant and attached household were originally owned by Catherine’s Grandmother (Mrs. Goellner) in which she had preciously operated a general store.

Excel Bottling Company continues to produce flavored soda using cane sugar, returnable bottles, and vintage bottling equipment.  The county’s favorite soft drink “Ski” was added in 1961 and accounts for the majority of soda produced.  Excel Bottling Company is one of a few remaining Mom & Pop bottlers left in the nation and is the only returnable bottling line left in the state of Illinois.  Besides bottling soda, the plant produces syrup for use on fountain equipment.  Excel Bottling Company has continually sold its soda to grocery stores, service stations, taverns, restaurants and special events in the area.

Edward Meier passed away in 1996 and his wife Catherine Meier continued to do the bookwork until age 97.  Catherine recently passed away at age 99.  She was quoted saying, “Eddie and I built our business selling one case of soda at a time.”  Her spirit lives on through her sons and grandchildren.  Great products, loyal customers, and dedicated employees keep Excel products a local favorite”

Watch a great video about Excel Bottling here!


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