Monthly Archives: July 2010

Dang Butterscotch Rootbeer makes the front page!

Our friends at Steeples in Monticello made Dang the talk of the town in Piatt County, IL.  Steeples is offering the sale of Dang soda (and other Homer Soda varieties) for a DIME.  Yes, you heard me right – A DIME.  But there’s one catch…it has to be a dime that is dated before 1965!  Before 1965 dimes were made with silver, and so they are actually worth more now than just the mere $.10.

So, if you get a chance…. go get yourself a pop from Steeples in Monticello for a dime 🙂



Everyone enjoying summer out there???

We have been incredibly busy this summer!  Our popcorn truck has been bringing sodas and popcorn to festivals and movie nights all over Champaign/Piatt county this summer, have you seen us yet?  We are always so excited to meet new soda fans and introduce them to their new favorite sodas!

NEWS:  We have a new place to find Homer Sodas, Wines at the Pines in Urbana off of Windsor Ave.  Make sure you stop in there and ask for some of our soda!

Have a cool summer folks!