Unique Glass Bottled Soda


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Homer Soda Company is known in the area for having the best selection of glass-bottled soda.  

We have spent years searching out new and unique brands that are produced by people with a passion for flavorful soda!  

Most of the bottling plants we buy from are small, family owned businesses that have been doing this for generations.

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You’ve reached the Homer Soda Company Blog!  Feel free to explore the site and also visit our new site  www.HomerSoda.com.

You can learn more about our most popular

sodas when you click Soda Descriptions.

I have histories, tasting reviews, pictures and more!

Want to know more about where some of our selection is bottled?

Check out the Bottler’s page for pictures and more!

Find out about a product my mom and I designed ourselves

exclusively for the Homer Soda Company, New Baby Soda!

And no, it’s NOT soda for infant!

It’s a unique way to announce the birth of your little one!

Do you want to be the hit of your next event?

Click Party Soda!! to see how to get Homer Soda at your party!

Are you too far away from our location, but would love to get your hands on our soda?

We can take care of that!

Check out Order Soda for more information how to place an order for a 12 pack!

Are you interested in selling Homer Soda selections?  Click on Wholesale for more information!  We can deliver to your doorstep within 100 miles or we can load up a pallet and send it to you for a reasonable price!


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